Why Global Records ?

'Global Records Book' is a universal plate-form to skilled and talented people across globe. Uniform and standardized procedures are hallmark of Global Records Book. It will provide one of the best experience in evaluation and measurement of human achievements and feat in every possible sphere of life. Affordability, Accessibility and Accountability will be guiding principles of premier 'Global Records Book'.

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Global Reach ! Serve Locally !!

Global Records Book is a collaboration of over 100 organizations, institutes and associations working in the field of Standardization, Measurement Techniques, Sports Science and Research in Human capabilities and Endurance. With global reach, Global Records Book is equipped to serve locally at anywhere in the globe.

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Global Options !

Global Records is pioneer in the field of measurement and evaluation procedures. It process the record claims from any possible scenarios and activities involving human being. It also offer wide range of choices and options to its potential record makers and breakers. You think of any measurable activities or achievement involving human being, our team will  guide you to make it a world benchmark. We will assist you to plan, practice and perform to make your dream a reality.

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Global Records and Research Foundation

Global Records and Research Foundation (GRRF) is a premier ‘Center of Excellence’ in the field of standardization, uniformity and bench marking circumstances worldwide.  These pillars constitute basics in measurement of human achievements including amazing, extraordinary, unusual and breathtaking records! It is a collaboration of multi-disciplinary groups, institutions and record books. GRRF will initiate and lead the projects and research in Standardization, Uniformity and Consistency in measuring techniques. Affordability, Accessibility and Accountability are the guiding principle of GRRF.

Research and scientific evidences have proved that each and every individual is unique and different. Each one is equipped with something specific yet different from all others. We plan to document these specific skills and talent. We believe that....

7 Billion people ! 7 Billion Possibilities !!


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